21 Days Vegan

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At the beginning of 2016, a very persistent friend talked me into trying a vegan, plant-based diet for 21 days. Being up for a challenge, I agreed, expected after the three weeks had passed I would quickly revert back to my carnivorous ways. But three weeks became three months, then six and finally a year. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life, I’d lost weight, my fitness and running had improved, and I had a whole repertoire of new recipes I (and even my non-vegan friends and family) loved.

At one point, my friends started asking me to share those recipes so they could try 21 days of plant-based eating for themselves. What followed was a 21 day email course of recipes, ingredient lists and motivation for eating vegan – even if only for a few weeks. I’m excited to share these with anyone else who might be interested and hope you find some inspiration from delicious food, putting yourself and your health first, and challenging yourself to a lifestyle you kind of thought might be healthier never thought would be possible for you (spoilers: it totally is).

I hope you enjoy this free email course and good luck with your 21 day vegan journey! #poweredbyplants